The 11 Stages Of Having A Crush

Yup. You know it.

1. And so it begins…

Crushed, and you never saw it coming.

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2. You start freaking out whenever they walk by.

Everyone will notice and stare at you.

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3. All your conversations will get super awkward.


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4. You’ll try to play it cool.

It won’t work.

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5. You’ll post cute pics on Instagram and hope they are looking.

FYI they aren’t actually following you.

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6. You’ll go up and down like some sort of lunatic.


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7. You’ll pretend to be all whatever about it.

No one will believe you.

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8. You’ll text them way too much.

And feel totally mortified, over and over.

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9. You’ll change their name in your phone.

It won’t help.

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10. You’ll try to play hard to get.

You’ll fail.

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11. You’ll finally hang out and it will be awesome!

Congrats! You’ve made it to the other side! Now try not to f—- it up.

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