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    • danag14

      Just saying, it seems to me like most of these are over reactions by the people holding the signs for things said with no ill intent. For instance, the one person asking someone if they can read the Japanese character because she’s oriental. The person didn’t assume, they asked. It could have just been an innocent inquiry because he’d been wondering what it meant and thought that perhaps he might be lucky enough to have found someone Japanese (Especially since she has some distinctively Japanese features). By the way, the girl being called someone’s “China-Doll” has NOTHING to do with being Chinese (Especially since she has absolutely ZERO Asian features) China-Doll is a reference to dolls which were originally imported from China and known for their rather perfect coloring and symmetry. Taking this as a racial thing only shows that she has some serious issues with her own self image in spite of a rather awesome comment. The only problem I have with the comment is that the girl is rather hideous…