17 Of The Best Things About Driving In Walker County

If the coal that cracked your windshield wasn’t enough.

1. No one ever asks, “Are these tires too big for my truck?”

You can also substitute truck for anything with wheels.

ID: 2315241

2. Trunk space isn’t just for groceries

ex-husbands can fit in there too!

ID: 2315261

3. Public transportation isn’t needed

Everyone can ride on Paw Paw’s porch on wheels. Even the baby.

ID: 2320645

4. Every business has a drive-thru

and if it doesn’t, just give it time.

ID: 2320726

5. Towing is an olympic sport

C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

ID: 2320756

6. License suspended? Not a problem.

You can’t get a DUI on your 4-wheeler. Maybe. But you can…

ID: 2320774

7. Get a DUI on a stolen Walmart scooter,

and taking it a block away to the gas station doesn’t help.

ID: 2321994

8. You’ll pick up some colorful hitchhikers

and very friendly. He never stopped waving.

ID: 2320842

9. Lanes go both ways

Rudimentary traffic rules are for fools

ID: 2322006

10. Back windows are basically free billboards

Enjoy your stalkers when everything but “follow me” washes off.

ID: 2322026

11. Or make your back window a tribute to a legend

Then again, this is Walker County. It may very well be a real possum.

ID: 2322090

12. You can ride in style

Looks like someone was just treated to a fancy all-you-can-eat dinner at Ryan’s buffet.

ID: 2322040

13. You could run into the Sno Cnoe Truck

You will literally run into it while mentally spell-checking their signs.

ID: 2322049

14. With a little dirt, bumper stickers become free

MawMaw’s single and ready to mingle

ID: 2322068

15. Find out how those little stick figure children are made.

When stick figure daddy and his stick figure cousin fall in love, obviously.

ID: 2322104

16. Every car has push to start

We’re still working on the stop part.

ID: 2322146

17. Any car is a blank canvas for your art.

And the title pawns just the same.

ID: 2322175

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