16 Ways To Tell You’re In A Comfortable Relationship

Remember the days when everything with your significant other was exciting and new? There’s no going back.

1. Every time they tell a joke, you’re like…

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2. You miss quiet time by yourself.

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3. They pee with the door open.

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4. When you ask them to do anything around the house, they’re like…

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5. They tell you they “forgot” to take out the trash when they just didn’t feel like it.

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6. You feel like there’s an ulterior motive when they say you look nice.

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7. They make you listen to the new songs they write and you have no idea how to react.

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8. You try to have a normal conversation and everything is a “that’s what she said ” joke.

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9. Their body just doesn’t seem like what it used to be.

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10. They constantly tell you you’re wrong.

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11. You’re always too tired to cuddle.

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12. When you’re in a good mood, everything they say makes you smile…

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But when you’re not, all you hear is whining.

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13. They don’t want to eat anything you request for dinner but they don’t know what they want either.

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14. Pretty much everything they do has annoyed you at some point.

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15. Sometimes you’ll just have to watch something on TV that you hate…

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16. Or admit that you’re wrong.

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In the end it’s OK, because you love each other!

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And that’s really all you need.


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