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    Boozer is his name and drinking is his game!

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    My great pyrenees puppy who has green eyes instead of brown eyes like most great pyrenees!

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    This is the "I hope you know I am very unhappy with you because I want more treats, although I just ate it 3 seconds ago".

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    This is baby Pompeu, from Brazil, enjoying the sunshine. He loves chewing his big toy and taking long naps.

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    She's half husky, half boxer & loves to talk. Follow her on Insta! - blue_eyed_izzy

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    Freya the Huskador...loves food and....food!

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    1 sassy pug looking 4 love

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    He is always there for you when you need him...just like Dobby the House Elf xoxo

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    Diesel and Jim

    Best buds from Sydney who get up to a lot of mischief... But are so cute that they get away with it!

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    Penny is a 6 yr old King Charles who loves laying on the couch throw pillows, chasing shadows, and watching Bachelor in Paradise.

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    Anthony Stark

    He's so classy!

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    She´s half Maine Coon:)

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    She;s almost 12 and plays soccer with me!

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    Luna and friends

    Here's a picture of my food .

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    Tootsie Roll

    "Toots" is a playful kitty who likes to walk on a leash, rock climb, and go camping. She also likes lazy Sundays, as seen in this picture!

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    JC 2

    would you like to go out with me? 😏

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    An awful name for a gorgeous cat!

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    Dylan 3

    Dylan loves to play. He also loves his home comforts (which don't include the lovely cuddly bed that I bought for him!)

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    Flynn 5

    Flynn is a big, lovable mutt who just wants to play with everyone, give puppy kisses, and then snuggle when he's sleepy.

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    He has the most personality in a cat you will ever see. He is aweome.

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