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  • Free Responsive HTML5 Templates

    In this post we bring you free responsive HTML5 templates which provide a fantastic platform for building your site upon. These templates are also an opportunity for these who want to learn HTML5 and CSS3 techniques (as all templates are based on HTML5 with responsive design). All website templates using some of the most popular currendesign trends including flat design. We hope you’ll like the collection.

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  • Outstanding Posters of Iconic Movie Cars

    Over the years, we have seen some of our favorite classic cars in Hollywood movies. In this post we bring you outstanding posters of those iconic movie cars designed by Jesus Prudencio, a graphic designer and illustrator from Badajoz but currently living in Seville, Spain.

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  • 15 Single Page WordPress Themes

    Today we will be showcasing amazing WordPress themes which are based on single page or one page only. In many cases a multi-page website is not required. May be you just want to display only small amount of work with your bio or just promote couple of products on your website. To get the job done in creative way, you should consider using single page website.

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  • 25 Beautiful Flyer Designs for Your Inspiration

    In this post we showcased 25 beautiful flyer designs that will help inspire your creativity. There are great examples here to improve your own unique flyer designs. We hope you will like the collection and this convince you to do something brilliant yourself.

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  • Typography Design Inspiration #19

    Do you guys know we feature weekly or bi-weekly typography designs for your inspiration? Here’s the nineteenth part of typography design series. We select the typography artworks based on quality, and every image is linked to the original source.

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  • 50 New Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

    Adobe Photoshop is a remarkable tool that is used in graphic designing. With so many tools and features, it offers numbers of ways to create the desired look. This is the reason why many designers and artists constantly publish new and fresh Photoshop tutorials where they share their newly discovered techniques. Such tutorials are the best way to explore Photoshop in an easy way. In this post we showcased 50 new Adobe Photoshop tutorials to improve your skills in Photoshop. Hats off to all those talented designers who have shared their techniques with the designing fraternity. Don’t forget to share any other Photoshop tutorials you find useful. Enjoy!

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  • Mind Blowing 3D Street Art Paintings by Edgar Mueller

    Edgar Mueller, a master of 3D street art painting uses the street as a canvas. His 3D painting becomes the perfect illusion if you look from the right spot. He paints over large areas of urban public life and gives them a new appearance, thereby challenging the perceptions of passers-by. The observer becomes a part of the new scenery offered by his street art. While going about their daily life, people change the painting’s statement just by passing through the scene. Edgar Mueller’s mind blowing art has been widely covered in print and digital media. He is always looking for new forms through which to express himself. Inspired by three-dimensional illusion paintings (particularly by the works of Kurt Wenner and Julian Beever) he is now pursuing this new art form and creating his own style. Because of his grounding in traditional painting and modern communication, Muller uses a more simple and graphic language for his art.

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  • 25 Cute Animals Pictures To Put You In a Good Mood | Boost Inspiration

    A photographer who uses proper settings along with good exposure, foucsing techniques and shutter speed can shot beautiful and amazing pictures. Last month, we featured 20 examples of perfectly time animal photography, which was very much appreciated by our readers. So today for all animal lovers, who can’t get enough pictures of their favorite creature, we are showcasing 25 cute animals pictures to put you in a good mood. Naughty behavior of these beautiful cute animals always make a smile on our faces.

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  • Animals of Nature | Boost Inspiration

    Patrick is a freelance graphic designer from Netherlands and he has been featured on many great websites and blogs like Advanced Photoshop, Photoshop Creative, Semi Permanent and Computer Arts. The animals of nature is his personal print project. These prints come in a series of 3. There were used several elements of nature to create these amazing illustrations. This project has been featured on Behance here.

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