19 Snowy Animals That Will Make Your Heart And The Ice Melt

Guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

1. Hold on! I iz running to you as fast as my wittle feetzies will go

2. RAWR! I iz scaring you

Just kidding I iz hugging you

3. I iz not allowed in the Coke commercial anymorez


…oh I guess I iz in the snow

5. I know how you feelz right now

6. I iz a snowball…

…just kidding, i iz a corgie.

7. I haz snowz on my noze

8. Haz you ezer seen a polar bear zamboni?

Now you haz

9. Ahh Shakira Shakira

10. What iz in da basket?

I iz.

11. Dis iz monkey buziness

12. Iz I clapping or iz I telling you come here?

Neither. I iz playing air guitarz.

13. Haz you played whack-a-mole?

Well haz you played whack-a-whale?

14. I iz looking for my friend grumpy cat. Haz you seen her?

15. Whos dare? Oh it’s you, I lovez you.

16. Da pug life iz good

…but da snug life iz better

17. Can I haz a snugglez pweease?

18. And you snugglez up too

19. And I’ll see youz at da beach when summer rollz around

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