22 Signs You Are Addicted To Candy

You’re an adult and you can eat whatever you please.

1. You offer up prayers to Haribo.

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2. You don’t care how suggestive it looks, you will rock a lollipop when you feel like it!

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3. When your friend talks about her engagement ring and refers to it as her ‘bling,’ this is all you can think of:

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4. It’s not Halloween that you look forward to, but rather the post-Halloween candy sales.

ID: 2115986

5. You get excited at the end of a meal when offered mints.

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6. You’re still really mesmerized by Pop Rocks.

ID: 2115994

7. You’ve eaten so much gummy candy on an empty stomach that you thought you’d throw up.

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8. You’ve definitely made vodka soaked gummy bears…

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9. You are, in no way, to be trusted in the bulk candy section of a supermarket.

ID: 2116010

10. Stressed? It’s cool, you have a bag of Warheads in your car.

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11. You’re super excited that almost every brand of candy has decided to make a gummy version.

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12. You have all the exciting seasonal candy memorized and you look forward to it every year.

ID: 2118043

13. You are only willing to celebrate Valentine’s Day if delicious treats are included.

ID: 2118050

14. You know certain candy sucks but you buy it and eat it anyway because YOLO. (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, LINDA’S LOLLIES)

ID: 2118067

15. You get really excited when you see Chupa Chups, but long for the days when they made Spice Girls ones.

ID: 2118150

16. Who needs diamonds when you’ve got these bad boys…

ID: 2118160

17. You don’t care that they’re overpriced and unnecessary, every time you see one of these you get jealous.

ID: 2118168

18. Jelly Belly? Shut up.

ID: 2118177


ID: 2126991

20. You’re pretty sure you found god when you found these.

ID: 2127004

21. A part of you wanted to hate this place but you just could never.

ID: 2127009

22. You view frozen yogurt as a vessel to convey mochi.

ID: 2127100

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