10 Reasons Snoop Dogg Is A Better Friend Than You

Nuthin’ but a G thang, baby.

1. 1. His hair braiding skills are ON POINT…

Pigtails, french, corn rows… you name it, Snoop does it.

2. 2. He makes a MEAN chocolate souffle

And can help you eat your feelings!

He might even rap while he does it!

4. 3. He has a solid social network

Will the real Sean Parker please stand up?

5. 4. He’s always down to play dress-up

Count Countula… or something like that.

California girls ARE unforgettable!

What a smokin’ santa….

8. 5. He’ll bring his own mic to karaoke

9. 6. You’ll never forget his kids’ names

Because they’re all the same…?

10. 7. He’s REALLY good at trivia

“I stay ready, so I ain’t gotta get ready”

11. 8. If he lends you a sweater, it might look like this…

12. 9. He won’t just watch your favorite TV shows with you, he’ll guest star on them.

Like when he sings along to ‘Gin and Juice’ with Dixon on 90210…

Or when he patents the term ‘MILF Weed’ in honor of Nancy on Weeds…

Even more so, when he hits on a lesbian on ‘The L Word’

But most of all, when he turns into a cartoon for the sake of his art…

16. 10. And finally, although his dance moves are unquestionably better than yours…

17. He’ll always show you how it’s done

And it WILL be hot when you drop it!

18. So, my dearest Snoop Dogg/Lion/Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr….

Will you be my best friend?

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