10 Outrageous Rapper Reactions To Celebrity News

Def Jam rapper YG, who coined the term ‘Toot it and Boot it’, is known for his candor. When you pair his outrageous lyrics with your favorite pop culture headlines, hilarity ensues. From the ‘Kimye’ baby to Amanda Bynes’ impending breakdown, here’s how West Coast artist YG would most likely weigh in.

1. On Morgan Freeman falling asleep during a ‘Now You See Me’ press junket interview…

ID: 1251269
ID: 1251270

3. On Amanda Bynes getting arrested for marijuana possession…

ID: 1251272
ID: 1251273

5. On Paris Hilton signing to Cash Money Records…

ID: 1251275
ID: 1251276

7. On Toronto rapper ‘Tim Dog’ faking his own death…

Dog with one ‘G’, huh?

ID: 1251277
ID: 1251278

9. On Reggie Bush’s Kim Kardashian look-a-like girlfriend…

ID: 1251279
ID: 1251281

11. On Zoe Saldana being open to dating women in the future…

ID: 1251280
ID: 1251283

13. On J.Lo’s Met Gala dress…

ID: 1251284
ID: 1251285

15. On Kanye West making Kim Kardashian his baby mama…

ID: 1251287
ID: 1251288

17. On hip-hop mogul Damon Dash’s financial troubles…

ID: 1251289
ID: 1251290

19. On Lebron James leading the Miami Heat the the NBA finals… again…

ID: 1251292
ID: 1251293

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