8 “What Were They Thinking?” Ads


1. From the ground up…underage skirts! Via one the world’s largest airplane manufacturers (at the time, 1960).

ID: 1602016

2. The last place, Triscuits?

ID: 1601818

3. Well, if he’s a mule, the drugs might be up his ass.

ID: 1601829

4. Your WHAT?

ID: 1601835

5. Why would they positon the bottles like that?

ID: 1601843

6. Big Sugar, ladies and gentlemen. The copy: “There’s a useful psychological effect, too. The good natural sweetness of sugar is like a little reward that promotes a sense of satisfaction and well-being.”

ID: 1602140

7. The ellipsis doesn’t really help. 1965 ad.

ID: 1602153

8. The wonderful pun skills of Kenneth Cole.

ID: 1602210

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