The Worst Creative Put-Downs

Oh — you want to work in a creative field? You better go get some thick-skin plastic surgery.

1. Very clever cut, Mr. Creative Director, thanks for the feedback (FUCK FACE).

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Some ad creative(s) has just started has just started this Tumblr: The Daily Ad Put-down.

He/she/they promise to update it daily. So, check it out. I will be.

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2. OUCH.

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4. When I was an SVA student 25 years ago, a bigshot NYC ad creative director who shall remain nameless lit one of my ads on fire in front of the whole class.

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5. One of the most accurate parts of Mad Men is the portrayal of Don Draper as a ruthless creative boss when he gives feedback.

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6. If you think Creative Bosses would never be this mean today, in 2013, you’re in for a big surprise.

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7. Glenn Beck probably thinks he’s pretty tough. But he could never hack it as an art director.

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8. Don’t pull any punches tell me how you REALLY feel.

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