The Worst Creative Put-Downs

Oh — you want to work in a creative field? You better go get some thick-skin plastic surgery.

1. Very clever cut, Mr. Creative Director, thanks for the feedback (FUCK FACE).

Some ad creative(s) has just started has just started this Tumblr: The Daily Ad Put-down.

He/she/they promise to update it daily. So, check it out. I will be.


4. When I was an SVA student 25 years ago, a bigshot NYC ad creative director who shall remain nameless lit one of my ads on fire in front of the whole class.

5. One of the most accurate parts of Mad Men is the portrayal of Don Draper as a ruthless creative boss when he gives feedback.

6. If you think Creative Bosses would never be this mean today, in 2013, you’re in for a big surprise.

7. Glenn Beck probably thinks he’s pretty tough. But he could never hack it as an art director.

8. Don’t pull any punches tell me how you REALLY feel.


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