The Top Fake Ads Of The Year

The Chip Shop winners were named Thursday at London’s Ministry of Sound. These are the winners, plus a couple of my favorites.

1. The best fake TV commercial of the year — Sensodyne.

Well done.

ID: 1252334

2. Smint cool mints. I would LOVE to see this on airplanes.

ID: 1252345

3. This was the Grand Prix winner. It’s decent, not my favorite.

ID: 1252346

4. Ice cap business cards. Greenpeace should buy this idea.

ID: 1252348

5. Best Viral Video winner — Windolene glass cleaner

ID: 1252343

6. Great Ormond is a children’s hospital in London.

ID: 1252351

7. Funny and touchy long copy ad for a vet.

ID: 1252352

8. Best consumer ad winner.

ID: 1252354

9. Best remake of an existing advert.

ID: 1252370

10. Best Politically Incorrect winner. There were much worse. Like the one below.

ID: 1252360
ID: 1252366


Here’s the 21 most offensive fake ads of the year from the Chip Shop awards.

ID: 1252375

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