The Strange, Sexy, Furry Orangina Ads

The latest version of the soft drink’s long-running campaign continues the anthropomorphic animal love.

1. Sexy, Jiggly…Jellyfish.

Whatever your animal fetish — on the land or in the sea — Orangina had you covered.

ID: 1061150

2. The new ads, sadly, feature less provocative furry images, tagged “Stay Alive.”

ID: 1061157

3. The posters are still plenty weird, though.

ID: 1061159

4. TV spot from the new “Stay Alive” campaign.


ID: 1061321

5. But the ads from a few years ago — which were placed all over Paris — were truly deviant.

Stacked Giraffe in red open-toe do-me pumps…and friend.

ID: 1061143

6. Stacked Giraffe in lingerie.

ID: 1061134

7. Six-Pack Abs Bear.

ID: 1061088

8. Sit on Papa Bear’s lap — don’t worry, I’m wearing a fig leaf.

ID: 1061107

9. A lovely, leggy cactus in sheer thigh-highs.

ID: 1061120

10. Busty Cowgirl Horsey.

ID: 1061138

11. Blue-eyed Zebra ready for a day on the Côte d’Azur.

ID: 1061145

12. Dolphin Surfer Girl.

ID: 1061148

13. Black Panther Babe in a leather vest — for blood orange Orangina.

ID: 1061151

14. Doe-eyed vixen.

ID: 1061153

15. Bosomy…Penguin.

ID: 1061141

16. TV ad from last year for “Miss O” diet Orangina.

ID: 1061336

17. The first TV ad from the Furry campaign — it caused the Brits to lose their wits.

ID: 1061418

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