The Sickest Film Festival Ads

Film festival season is in high gear. Sometimes, the ads are crazier than the films.

1. This Kid Is Dead Funny

Video available at:

Now that’s some black comedy. Cinestud is Amsterdam’s international student film festival. This 2010 trailer was conceived and directed by Alain Friedrichs.

ID: 844180

2. Sadistic Swedish Hillbillies?

Deliverance-influenced video pushing the 2011 Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest in Stockholm. FYI, even though they got plenty of “Likes,” they still killed their hostage.
Ad agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Stockholm.

ID: 844166

3. Piss-Vertising

2010 ad for the Mecal International “bladder friendly” Short Film Festival.
Funnier video ad for the festival, below.

ID: 844081

4. Piss-Vertising — The Video

ID: 844215

5. Everybody Wants To Be Mr. Pink

Wonderful Reservoir Dogs parody commercial for the Queer Lisboa gay film festival in Portugal.

ID: 844144

6. Dick-In-A-Box

Promotional popcorn boxes handed out on the erotic film night of the Calgary International Film Festival. Reference.

ID: 844158

7. Facebook Is Horrible

This ad sponsored the 2011 FantasPorto — Oporto International Horror Film Festival. Note: the actual facebook button uses the right hand, not the left.
Ad agency: DraftFCB Lisbon.

ID: 844074

8. “Bring Me My Fucking Money.”

Wait for it…
Trailer promoting the Whistler (British Columbia) Film Festival.
Ad agency: Dare, Vancouver.

ID: 844190

9. Creepy Bunny Is Creepy

Large bunnies are always creepy.
Video from 2011 promoted the creepy animation night of the Anim’Est film festival in Bucharest.
Ad agency: Ogilvy, Romania.

ID: 844175

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