The Scary Awesome Ads Of 13th Street

The European horror/suspense TV channel has produced some superb advertising in recent years.

1. “The Art of Frightening.” Brilliant campaign by Germany’s Jung von Matt.

ID: 1847828

4. Two IKEA-riffing ads via Spain. Ad agency: Shackleton, Madrid, Spain.

ID: 1847824

6. “We See Crime Everywhere.” Ad agency: BETC EURO RSCG, France.

ID: 1847822
ID: 1847825
ID: 1847859

9. Ad agency: Jung von Matt, Berlin.

ID: 1847832

12. Even their trade ads are creepy. Ad agency: BETC EURO RSCG, France.

ID: 1847839

13. Decapitated Head Bowling Balls — ad agency: Jung von Matt, Germany.

ID: 1847894

14. These two TV spots, by Jung von Matt, are goosebumps-creepy.

Video available at:
ID: 1847896
ID: 1847898

16. They even have cool gory stationery:

See it here.

ID: 1847977

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