The Scariest Vintage Halloween Ads

Including children’s Ted Nugent masks.

1. 1951. One of her ex-husband’s heads.

ID: 1776291

2. Yeah, I think he’s giving her “a lift” alright.

ID: 1776304

4. 1953. I’ll take the morning mouth, thank you.

ID: 1776318

5. 1968.

ID: 1776319

6. 1936. “Yes, daughter. Your husband will never smell the Arsenic.”

ID: 1776330

7. 1922. Illustration by J. C. Leyendecker.

ID: 1776340

8. Disembodied hand of evil. Before pull tabs.

ID: 1776352

9. The scariest of them all — in 1977 little Ted Nugents all across America rang many a doorbell. Today, all those kids are Tea Party Patriots.

ID: 1776357

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