The Most Sexist Cigarette Ads Of The 1960s

If it’s Monday, Don Draper is still drunk, and it’s time for the Mad Men Sexist Ad of the Week.

1. The Silva campaign was launched in the late 1960s with this Draper-approved line.

ID: 1190812

3. The “I’m A Thinner” twist was added in 1970 — implying, but not directly claiming, that smoking Silvas would keep a woman skinny.

ID: 1190813

5. Bring the phallicism, baby.

ID: 1190817

6. Back in the early aughts, this Skor campaign got blasted, and prompted Hershey to pull many of the executions. The line is attributed to Wallis, Duchess of Windsor.

ID: 1190828

7. Wake up Don, we gotta present to Chevy.

ID: 1190834


Continue your trip back to the 1960s with more Mad Men Sexist Ads of the Week.

ID: 1190841

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