Most Confusing Collection Of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks Yet

What the F#©K are these people trying to say?

1. Quoted by nobody EVER.

ID: 1246437

2. Commando it is, at ALL times.

ID: 1246424

3. The ONLY thing clear about this Staples sign is that they don’t care about their customers(‘) comfort.

ID: 1246470

4. Oh Coca-Cola, you are the undisputed king of soda. So embarrassing.

ID: 1246477

5. He’s not sorry, he ain’t closing at 4:15, and no thank you.

ID: 1246492

6. If there’s one word to never put in quotes, it’s “beer” — unless of course, we’re talking Budweiser.

ID: 1246484

7. Translation: “Momentarily” out of order. Perfect.

ID: 1246488

8. Retro! Yeah mom, you’ll get a night off the day after never.

ID: 1246512

9. Wait, is it “free” or complimentary? Jesus, so fucking confused.

ID: 1246530

10. So they’ve named themselves “Best Funeral Home” two years running.

ID: 1246498


Most of the photos are via the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks (unless noted).

And, you can buy the Book of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks — which features the best of the best — right here.

ID: 1246640

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