The Most Beautifully Art-Directed Ads From The Last Five Years

Who needs copywriters? Seventeen ads.

1. American Psycho

One of the best pieces of art direction I’ve ever seen.
The ad is actually via New Zealand Channel 2.

2. Greenpeace

These ads urging people to sign an online petition to save our seas won a Gold Lion at Cannes in 2009. That’s not Photoshop: the wonderful colored-pencil sculptures of underwater life are by South African artist Jennifer Maestre.
Second ad below.

3. Greenpeace


Wonderfully-illustrated posters promoting AIDS prevention via France won a Bronze Lion at Cannes in 2008. Second execution below.

6. Dills

Belgian print ads from 2007 for Dills digestive mints. That salmon Concorde is some phantastic Photoshop work. Not sure how well the campaign sells the product, but the ads are art. Meat Porsche below.

8. Kapiti

I don’t know what designer ice cream is, but I want to eat that pump. Campaign via New Zealand. Delicious handbag below.

10. Grass Roots

Very high marks for the art direction of this trippy ad for a Calgary hemp store.

11. IKEA

The simple, aesthetically-pleasing art direction perfectly dramatizes a reason to buy shoe cabinets. Ads (2nd one below) are for the Istanbul, Turkey IKEA.

13. Scrabble

Ideal print ads from 2008 for Scrabble, via Hungary. Ideal, because there’s not a word of copy and they make me want to play Scrabble. And I hate Scrabble. Second ad below.

14. Scrabble

15. Swedish Fish

Pleasing palette with these cute American Swedish Fish ads from 2008. Second one below.

16. Swedish Fish

17. Makati City fire station

A PSA from 2010 via the Makati City fire station in Manila, the Philippines. Gorgeous digital work.

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