The Latest In Cool Package Design

10 real and concept designs from around the world.

1. Bristow’s BonBons. These do communicate “chewy.”

ID: 1617134

2. Vino Loco straitjacket packaging. Designed by Lola Madrid.

ID: 1617070

3. Eco-friendly concept design For eggs packaging made of hay. By Polish designer Maja Szczypek.

ID: 1617081

4. Dog Days dog food, via England.

ID: 1617048

5. German footwear chain Görtz created these bird displays for their children’s section with shoelaces serving as worms.

ID: 1617114

6. Another concept design for a fictional vodka brand: “Spine.” More than any other liquor, vodka is pure marketing, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see this on shelves some day. By German designer Johannes Schulz.

ID: 1617149

7. Campbell’s has partnered with the Andy Warhol Foundation to produce a limited edition range of tomato soup cans inspired by the artist’s work. The cans are available in British markets starting today.

ID: 1617066


For the third straight summer, Russia held an ad and design “Feykstival” — for concept work. This year it was held in Riga. Here are three of the winning package designs.

ID: 1617167

8. Old Guard beer.

ID: 1617158

9. Bla Bla tea time biscuits.

ID: 1617163

10. One Love cat food.

ID: 1617159

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