The Coolest Street Pole Ads

10 smart ambient ads, from all over the world.

1. Pantene. Via Lebanon. Brilliant.

ID: 1552161

2. “Meet a Giraffe” — for the San Francisco Zoo.

ID: 1552154

3. Via The UK, for the Chester Zoo.

ID: 1552233

4. Levis Paint. Via Belgium.

ID: 1552180

5. Mcdonald’s, via Canada, to advertise a free coffee promotion.

ID: 1552226

6. Dumocalcin is a chewable calcium supplement. Via Jakarta, Indonesia.

ID: 1552203

7. Advil, via The Philippines. Nice.

ID: 1552206

8. Via Vancouver to promote the Highland Games.

ID: 1552213

9. Samsung promoting thin monitors, via Brazil.

ID: 1552228

10. Super-Max razor blades, via Mumbai, India.

ID: 1552187

11. Not an ad, just a cool piece of street art.

ID: 1552230

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