The Brilliant Ads Of The Vancouver Aquarium

Very creative and very educational.

1. Promoting a “Jelly Invasion” this month.

ID: 1203086

2. Just a perfectly wonderful lamppost installation using a mysterious anglerfish.

ID: 1203075

3. Ads promoting the “Frogs Forever” exhibit.

ID: 1203212

4. The aquarium put up these posters and urinal installations in the men’s room of a nearby bar. When gents pissed on the pregnancy test, it registered a positive. In the Syngnathidae family of fish, it’s the males that get pregnant.

ID: 1203139

5. This exhibit just ended last month. Very cool design.

ID: 1203102
ID: 1203105

7. Their ad agency is Taxi, in Vancouver.

ID: 1203114

8. LEFT — high tide. RIGHT — low tide. Brilliant.

ID: 1203099


These wonderful Science World billboards are also via Vancouver, and are even more brilliant.

ID: 1203273

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