The Best Of New York City Street Art

A gallery from the last six months.

1. By German artist Case, in Bushwick.

ID: 1759964

2. Two by Legheadloves, in Soho.

ID: 1759965

3. By Austrian street artist Nychos, in Williamsburg.

ID: 1759961

4. By Bumblebee, in Brooklyn.

ID: 1759963

5. Two by WhisBe.

ID: 1759966

6. Security Gates make for perfect street canvases. See more of these here.

ID: 1759967

7. Piece by Italian artist MR. BLOB, in Long Island City, Queens.

ID: 1759968

8. By StudioKCA, “Head in the Clouds Pavilion” is made of 53,780 recycled plastic bottles — the number thrown away in New York City in one hour.

On Governors Island.

ID: 1759969

9. Lädy Millard has been painting and tagging trash around NYC. Here, on Wooster Street.

ID: 1759970

10. By French graffiti artist Monsieur Plume in Long Island City, Queens.

ID: 1759971

11. By Aakash Nihalani, at a Brooklyn subway station. More of Nihalani’s work here.

ID: 1759974

12. By Mark Samsonovich, on Rivington Street.

ID: 1759976

13. Lastly, two great works by DALeast in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

ID: 1759973

14. Barb Wire Cobra.

ID: 1759972


My three favorite NYC websites, all are updated daily.

The Dusty Rebel.
ANIMAL New York.
New York Shitty.

ID: 1760226

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