13 Memorable Anti-War Ads

What is it good for? Absolutely nothin’. World Peace Day is September 21st.

1. HEADLINE: Imagine A World Without War.

Via Spain, from 2009, for the World March For Peace.

ID: 1457171

2. Powerful Unicef ads Via Sri Lanka.

ID: 1457239

4. Copy: “What Goes Around Comes Around. Stop the Iraq War.”

Great pole wrap ads via the United States for the Global Coalition for Peace from 2008.

ID: 1457289

5. From 2005, “Lord Of War” billboard defaced in San Francisco.

ID: 1458516

6. War Child

Last year, Dutch artist Hans Hemmert built this 7,000 balloon Sherman tank in the city square of Den Bosch, The Netherlands for War Child, a worldwide charity that helps children of war. It was part of a fundraising effort.

ID: 1458425

7. War Child

Via Canada, this spot for War Child is pretty emotional.

ID: 1458471

8. HEADLINE: Giving Kids A Chance To Be Kids.

2007 ad via Australia for Right To Play – an international humanitarian organization that aids children in the most disadvantaged areas of the world.

ID: 1457377

9. 1960s Lego ad.

Amazing that an American corporation (In the 1960s, Lego toys were manufactured and sold by Samsonite) took such a clear anti-war stance.

ID: 1457441

10. Draft Resistance ad from the late 1960s.

ID: 1457227

11. “Somalia”

Startling campaign from 2007 for a German nonprofit that helps war orphans.
Second ad below.

ID: 1457405

12. “Iraq”

ID: 1457410

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