Some Of The Best Ad Hacks From The Best Ad Hackers

Because, really, F*CK advertising.

1. California Department of Corrections.

A Pacific Rim billboard in California gets hacked (heh) by the NSA, CIA, FBI, and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).
Hacking actually by an “organization” calling itself the California Department of Corrections.
This is a Photoshop job.
UPDATE: The “Department” says in an email: “Thank you for your continued interest in the programs and operations of the California Department of Corrections. The department’s National Security State/Pacific Rim billboard was rehabilitated and released at the intersection of Bayshore Boulevard and Sunnydale Avenue in San Francisco. The correction was actual, not Photoshop.”

ID: 1477814

2. Essam.

Last year, street artist Essam raised New Yorkers’ eyebrows with his NYPD drone spoof posters. He also got himself arrested.

ID: 1477833

3. Jilly Ballistic (New York City).

In a Clinton Hill, Brooklyn subway station, last month.
Jilly Ballistic, literally, bombs (well, grenades) an obnoxious McDonald’s ad.

ID: 1477824

Ballistic improves an iPad poster with one of her trademark wartime gas mask photos.
At the Lorimer St. L station.

ID: 1477974

From last month. Jilly Ballistic doesn’t like all the ballistic evidence in this Red 2 poster.
“UNDO FIREARMS? You’ve placed a large amount of handguns in this advertisement. That may be a sign of compensation. Would you like to improve the quality of the film’s script? Please review. Thank you, Jilly Ballistic.”

At the Nassau Ave. station, Queens bound G side.

ID: 1477838

6. Unknown (Toronto).

An unknown group wonderfully took over a slew of bus stop ads in Spring 2012 in Toronto.
Copy on the poster ® reads: “This space reserved for DECEIT.”
More below.

ID: 1477849

Love the type work.

ID: 1477852

8. The Billboard Liberation Front (BLF).

In 2001, the BLF— which operates mostly in the San Francisco area — created brilliance with this Fortune hijacking.
No, those pennies weren’t part of the original art.

ID: 1477940

Back in 2005, the Billboard Liberation Front put up this Soylent Green, Twilight Zone riffing board in San Francisco.
Fucking hilarious.

ID: 1477906

In 2005, The BLF beautifully alterede one of the ads from one of the dumbest campaigns in liquor history, by Courvoisier. I used to silently yell at their posters and vagina bottles on the subway.
Their obnoxious tagline was: EARN IT.

ID: 1477929

This BLF AT&T hijacking is from — not last week — but 2008.

ID: 1477820

In 2008, the BLF hit one of the key criminals in the Financial collapse.

ID: 1477947

In 2010, The BLF nicely hacked one of the inanely stupid Stella Artois boards.
Copy was: “She is a thing of beauty.”

ID: 1477909

14. Poster Boy NYC.

Poster Boy sticks his tongue out at Apple at a G Train stop.
From last month.

ID: 1477860

Poster Boy cuts up a Dunkin’ Donuts poster and turns it into an old lady sex joke.
Original copy: “Piping Cold Lattes.”
Note the logo.

ID: 1477870

Poster Boy decimates a MasterCard “More Of New York” subway poster.
If you’re in New York City this month, Poster Boy says he has “something special” up at the “10 Years of Wooster Collective Show: 2003-2013” — August 7-24, 2013.
Pop-Up Location:
525 West 22nd Street.

ID: 1477877

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