The 9 Coolest Ever Ads On Benches

Have a seat, and take a look.

1. Very nice (and very cheap) ambient ad for Polo mints. It won a Gold Lion for JWT London at Cannes in 2010.

ID: 1330633

2. Promoting literature in Istanbul.

ID: 1330474

3. Brilliant Nike bench by ad creatives Anna Echiverri and Annie Chiu.

ID: 1330484

4. Via the UK by JWT London.

ID: 1330534

5. Another Kit Kat bench — who had the idea first? I don’t give a shit, they’re both good.

ID: 1330626

6. Via Sweden. Copy on the benches: “Football anywhere. Text “football” to 72404 and watch your favourite team live on your mobile phone.”

ID: 1330546

7. This is a fake comp for Victoria’s Secret by an NYC ad student, but it’s pretty funny.

ID: 1330625

8. Impressive installation by the city of Denver urging residents to conserve water.

ID: 1330628

9. Via France for Soöruz skatewear. Not an actual ambient bench ad, but it would make a great one.

ID: 1330624

10. And, just to complete the post:

Here’s the worst ever bench ad.

ID: 1330638

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