The 40 Best Worst Runner Costumes

If it’s not a Halloween race, and you’re running in a costume — and you beat me —I HATE YOU.

1. Testicles.

3. A naked Jester in white face.

4. Fake Pregnant Fake Nuns.

6. “Quiky,” the Nesquik Bunny.

7. A fuckin’ Donkey.

8. “Foamy” the Fire Extinguisher, a Chef, and a Gorilla.

10. An Easter Bunny, posing as Usain Bolt (ugh).

11. A Big Mouth Billy Bass.

12. A Giant Woman’s Face.

18. Mr. Clean (note eyebrows).

19. A “Running” Refrigerator (GET IT?)

20. A Fucking Hippie.

21. A “U” Tube?

22. Speedo Cowboy & Indian.

24. A Cymbal-Banging Monkey.

25. A Rhino (excused, because great cause).

26. The Dukes of Hazard.

27. “Paris Hilton”.

28. Fred Flintstone.

33. BFI-branded portable shitters.

35. A Whoopie Cushion, with sound (asshole).

39. I don’t care how much it hurt, I would get ahead of these guys, NO MATTER WHAT.

40. A Caveman. (Note: Abebe Bikila won the 1960 Olympic marathon running barefoot.)

Much Thanks…

…to Best Race Costumes for collecting most of these. They update frequently, visit them!

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