The 17 Best Anti-Smoking Print Ads Ever Created

You’ve seen other half-assed lists from people who don’t know their ads from a hole in the ground. THIS is the definitive list.

1. Two award-winning billboards from the late 1990s that riffed off the old Marlboro ads.


Via Canada.

5. Copy is clunky because it’s a translated ad.

Via Italy.


Via South Africa.

8. Brilliant.

Via Sweden.

9. “Save a life. Put out a cigarette.”

Via Brazil.

11. “Smoking Kills More.” Hitler made of 13,000 cigarettes (not Photoshopped). Here’s a video of the portrait being made.

Via Brazil.

12. Included because it was, amazingly, a government ad via the Centers for Disease Control. From 1998.

14. From 1989.

17. Perhaps, I’m kidding with this one.


These aren’t as good.
The 13 most bizarre anti-smoking ads ever

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