More Of The Best (And Worst) Local Business Ads

Some real doozies here.


Some pawn shop. Points for honesty.
Grade: B

ID: 1230860

2. Liquor display at a local Russian grocery store. “Buy 2 get 1 free!” Smart move using a 12-year-old girl.

Grade: A

ID: 1230856

3. Smart recruitment ad by this Phoenix strip club.

Grade: B

ID: 1230862

4. Via Alabama. Multilingual pun! Nice.

Grade: B

ID: 1230857

5. Some local gym (if you know the location, please comment). Now, you don’t know that for sure. Maybe the aliens themselves are weight conscious, and would prefer to eat ripped bulletheaded mooks.

Grade: C

ID: 1230858

6. Via Virgina. Think of the children, please.

Grade: C-

ID: 1230863

7. EXCELLENT choice of medium.

Grade: A

ID: 1230864

8. Via the great state of New Jersey.

Grade: A

ID: 1230865

9. Via the Dominican Republic. A variation of this line is used by scores of strips clubs all over the world. So, points off for unoriginality.

Grade: C-

ID: 1230866

10. Winning hair salon copy.

Grade: A

ID: 1230867

11. Another winning hair salon window ad via Devon, England.

Grade: A

ID: 1230868

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