The 10 Craziest Retro Gun Ads

I did a background check on every one of these adverts, and they’re all insane.

1. “Daddy, are you in the baffroom (BLAM!)?

ID: 1211818

2. 1965. Is he supposed to be me or him?

ID: 1211776

3. Nice furry chaps, pardner. Unclear who exactly he is mowing down here. Cattle rustlers? A posse? His cow hands? Anybody and everybody?

ID: 1211780

4. Unclear of scene: copper is about to shoot knife-wielding bad guy in the face, but who is he sitting on? Another bad guy? He looks dead. And I see no weapon on the ground.

ID: 1211802

5. Or maybe you could talk to each other? Or throw some haymakers?

ID: 1211822

6. I, for you, do not endorse Santa riding around with an arsenal.

ID: 1211784

7. Yeah, you go ahead and “hammer the hammer” all you want.

ID: 1211819

8. Get yer cheap “beautiful” anti-tank guns, while they last. Have you seen what a .55 caliber shell does to a human being? I have.

ID: 1211794

9. Husband…or TRAMP? Well that tramp’s about to get aerated by a dame in a housecoat with a little Iver Johnson widowmaker.

ID: 1211809

10. Subhead on the girl’s nightie: “Papa says it won’t hurt us.” (several recent headlines say other otherwise) Better let Janie practice on her dolly first before she takes on tramps.

ID: 1211812

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