Six Ads That Really Pissed People Off In 2012

Christians, transgender people, the Amish — the ad industry got under everybody’s skin this year.

1. Red Bull

This Jesus-debunking spot ran all over the world, including South Africa and Brazil. You wanna see some real complaints, Red Bull? Run it in Mississippi.

2. Libra tampons

Ha ha, you don’t have a vagina!
Lesson: Don’t fuck with transgender people.

3. New Idea magazine

Lesson: Don’t fuck with the Amish.

4. Pilot pens

This spot upset men, as it portrayed men as idiots.
I have no problem with this spot.

5. Cottonelle “Gripples”

Gripples grip more shit.
Depicting smelly behinds knotted the knickers of many.
My problem here is that dogs like the smell of poo, rendering the commercial inaccurate.

6. Carefree

This was the number-one complained-about ad — in Australia and the world over. Why? Because a tampon commercial dared speaketh the “v” word.

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