“Sexy Women Eating Melon, Alone”

Celebrate Summer with our latest trip into the bizarre world of stock photography. 22 photos.

1. So, I typed the above phrase into Getty Images, and these are some of the best results.

ID: 1192338

2. Getty title: “In a gray environment, Erika is enjoying her small portion of sweetness and color”

ID: 1188787

3. I only eat food that matches my shirt.

ID: 1192324

4. I make art when I eat.

ID: 1192326

5. I’ll be eating this melon for the next couple of hours.

ID: 1192329

6. I pick up men by eating melon, standing, alone, at the beach on windy days.

ID: 1192359

7. YAY — a woman of color (they were scarce).

ID: 1192374

8. (small piece of melon, right hand)

ID: 1192395

9. “Aggressively” eating melon, alone.

ID: 1192450

10. I put on a bikini and pose strangely whenever I eat melon, alone, in my white bedroom.

ID: 1192404

11. Note the watermelon earrings.

ID: 1192407

12. Ooh, underwater.

ID: 1192427
ID: 1192418
ID: 1192444

15. I am the prettiest in this Getty search.

ID: 1192364

16. NOBODY is sexier than me in this Getty search.

ID: 1192331

17. I am the eviliest in this Getty search.

ID: 1192382

18. Notice that she takes very tiny bites…

ID: 1192456

19. She likes to eat it messy.

ID: 1192466

20. She LOVES watermelon.

ID: 1192465

21. Her one meal for the day.

ID: 1192473

22. My ex-boyfriend didn’t like watermelon.

ID: 1192357

All images via Getty.

This post was, of course, inspired by the now-classic Hairpin post:
Women laughing alone with salad.

ID: 1192526

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