Russian People Are Interesting

20 photos.

1. Love triangle, maybe.

ID: 1305765

2. Soldiers spell a slang word for “male sex organ”

ID: 1305719

3. Russians are big panda fans, too.

ID: 1305722

4. The local Clockwork Orange gang, except they were black track suits.

ID: 1305723

5. Who’s her favorite? I’m guessing Ghostface Killah.

ID: 1305724

6. I like the wallpaper.

ID: 1305726

7. The Rust Knight.

ID: 1305736

8. Some flair, this kid has it.

ID: 1305740

9. Between tie-dye guy, and the conflicting iconography, I am SO confused by this scene.

ID: 1305749

10. At a McDonald’s. I have no idea.

ID: 1305756
ID: 1305758

12. I would not fuck with their riot police.

ID: 1305762

13. Johnny On The Spots are fucking sacred.

ID: 1305769
ID: 1305773

15. Selling food on a Ukraine beach. Illegally.

ID: 1305782

16. A boxer from Kazakhstan named Bagrat has a hobby: making structures out of matches. L — a St. Nicholas Church, 34,000 matches. R — mountain temple located in Armenia, 1.5 million matches.

ID: 1305798

17. That is a stylin’ coat.

ID: 1305802

18. There’s an interesting story here.

ID: 1305805

19. Sickle, Hammer, and Axe. Problem?

ID: 1305779

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