15 Really Gross Print Ads

Don’t eat before or after viewing these. Some of them are very creative, though!

1. Caribú bitter chocolate —“The dark side of sweetness”

Via Peru.
Baby chick in a meat grinder.
Very creative, disgusting ad.

ID: 1039384

2. Aquafresh — that’s not toothpaste.

Via The Netherlands.

ID: 1039325

3. Rachachuros meat seasoning — farm animal necrophilia!

Via Thailand.
A dead-eyed pig carcass Playmate-posed makes me hungry.

ID: 1039379

4. Just brand liquid soap #1

Via India.
“If you aren’t totally clean, you are filthy.”
I’d question the veracity of that statement, but I too busy Ralphing.
Second ad from the campaign. below.

ID: 1039436

5. Just brand liquid soap #2

Via India.

ID: 1039439

6. Tolnaftate anti-fungal cream

Via The Philippines.
No, that’s not mud — SHIT SNEAKERS.

ID: 1039607

7. Karlsberg MiXery fruit-flavored beers — Beer Reborn

Via Germany.
The “X” stands for a “secret ingredient.”
Which appears to be baby piss.

ID: 1039461

8. Anti-Smoking #1

Via USA.
I would have used a real teen and a real rat.

ID: 1039483

9. Clorets — dirty sock & dead fish tongues

Via Puerto Rico.

ID: 1039520

10. Sanzer hand sanitizer

Via Thailand.

ID: 1039691

11. Canex dog wormer — “Who do you take care of?”

Via Finland.

ID: 1039778

12. Charity SA

Via South Africa.
Nice swipe at the paparazzi, those maggots.

ID: 1039878

13. Zyloric

Via India.
Gout. Yuck.

ID: 1040010

14. Man vs. Wild

Via New Zealand.
Your choice:
Raw Zebra meat wrap (with maggot jimmies!).
Or bark-crust beetle pizza.

ID: 1039297

15. Mola tissues

Via Poland.
“Hello snots, the fun is over.”
A snot bungee jumper. Nice.

ID: 1039990

16. BONUS: the absolute most disgusting gum commercial ever produced.

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/23061242.
ID: 1039318

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