More Great/Terrible Local Advertising

Time again to celebrate amateur creativity. 10 photos.

1. Some bar

Every 10th bar or so in the English-speaking world using this slogan.
Grade: C-

2. Dollar Giant, location unknown.

Well, sometimes you have adjust you tagline for legal reasons. For instance: Goodyear’s once was “The best tires in the world have goodyear written all over them.” But a competitor challenged it and won. So Goodyear decided to add “We say…” to the beginning of the slogan— which was a really stupid move.
Anyway, I like the birdseed type deviousness here, very evil.

Grade B

3. Guactruck, Manila, Philippines.

I’ve seen that “If you’re waiting for a sign…”line a few times before, so nothing special.
However, that name identification layout is super smart.

Grade: B

4. Lincoln Storage, Salem, Ohio.

No, Lincoln Storage of Salem, Ohio.
Watch and learn how Manhattan Mini-Storage does it.

Grade: D

5. Hunters and Collectors Outlet Store

Sometimes, being clever is not clever.
Like here. Third World prices? Probably made by third world peasants in horrible conditions?

Grade: C-

6. Baconery, New York, NY.

Kind of funny, but come ON, this is BACON!
You guys could write something much more tasty.

Grade: B-

7. Ron Roesners’ (sic)

We’ll forget Ron has the apostrophe in the wrong place.
Now, he has two slogans going here:
“Pushin’ to Please since 1980.”
Pretty good for a local business.

Grade B
Then, there’s that bottom one, which he apparently thinks is funny…
Grade: D

8. Air Around The Clock, Coral Springs, Florida

A lame double entendre.
And, stop hitting on my wife.
But, at least you tried?

Grade: C.

9. “Yard Work,” Phoenix, AZ.

(But, just like last time, I gotta take off points for lack of creativity.)

Grade: C+

10. Fuel Coffee Bar, Brisbane, Australia.

Very nice! — even with the…not-perfect Grumpy Cat drawing.
Grade: A

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