It’s A Sexy Mad Men Sexist Ad Of The Week (NSFWish)

How would Don Draper sell car wax in 1968? By giving a beautiful naked woman a paint job.

(Above: that ain’t Photoshop, and it was a pretty racy ad for a big company like DuPont.)

So Double D was quite the fire starter and putter-outter Sunday night, wasn’t he?
And he didn’t bang anyone! Probably because his surging alcoholism is killing his libido and giving him whiskey dick.

Maybe if Don had a sexier client than orange juice or children’s aspirin on his mind (like car wax), he would have “consoled” neighbor Sylvia again.

Creative note: Everybody across the Internet is lauding Peggy”s Rosemary’s Baby concept for St. Joseph’s. I thought it was hackneyed and heavy-handed. But then, pretty much every fake idea we’ve seen during the six seasons of the show has sucked a bag of dicks, which is no accident and, I bet, not on purpose.

Show creator Matthew Weiner and his writing team are just discovering what copywriters already know and live with every day: as stupid as ad writing is compared to “real” writing, it is fucking HARD to write a really great ad.

Duck hunting note: After learning of the show mocking his “shot in the face, and you’re to blame” incident, I bet Dick Cheney gave his dungeon gimp a few extra lashes last night.

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