Is Sharknado The Coolest Crazy Shark Movie Poster Ever?

It’s pretty awesome, but it’s got competition.

1. Good poster, BUT one of the best movie taglines EVER.

ID: 1359282

2. As opposed to a shark vs. an octopus (that’s further down).

ID: 1359321

3. Another Roger Corman flick featuring a dino-shark.

ID: 1359349

4. Decent tagline.

ID: 1359339

7. Jesus, enough with the chicks in bikinis. OUT OF THE BOX, people.

ID: 1359336

8. Plot: “A shark who swims in sand terrorizes a tropical paradise.” Real sand sharks everywhere boycotted this bullshit.

Via A shark who swims in sand terrorizes a tropical paradise.
ID: 1359343

9. This is set in… Buffalo, N.Y.

ID: 1359356

10. Left was the official poster, but the right one is better — plus a great tagline.

ID: 1359362

11. Good tagline.

ID: 1359374

12. Cool poster. Terrible tagline.

ID: 1359379

13. Though I love the Santa hat, the Japanese version wins.

ID: 1359327

14. But this is only thing you need to see from the above flick.

ID: 1359329

15. The classic is hard to beat. It’s been riffed on a million times.

ID: 1359287

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