How To Tell Good People From Bad People

A 1960 pamphlet given out to children by? — funeral homes.

ID: 1506071

This pamphlet, from the early 1960s, was produced by the International Order of the Golden Rule, “a not-for-profit membership organization of independent, family-owned funeral homes located throughout North America and overseas.’

Yes, it was given out to children at viewings and visitations and such.


ID: 1506125

2. “Yes, but what if I’m here at this funeral home because my Mommy and/or Daddy ARE DEAD?

ID: 1506080

3. That man looks perfectly nice.

ID: 1506083

4. Eleven exclamation points. That’s some nice art direction.

ID: 1506089

5. Or, run to the nearest funeral home, I guess.

ID: 1506093

6. If it’s Son of Flubber, I ain’t running anywhere.

ID: 1506095

7. Wait, what? I thought this was about people?

ID: 1506096

8. As you can see, this copy has been stamped by the Harry J. Will funeral home of Detroit, still in business.

ID: 1506101

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