How To Put On A Condom

According to the Internet.

2. Step 1: penis.

3. The best chart I could find on the Internet, which is kind of sad.

4. Step 6: Stand there and hold your be-condomed penis for the world to see.

5. Yes, penis goes INSIDE.

6. Fuck you, Durex, giving me body issues with your instructions.

8. I find the illustration quality lacking.

9. Helpful graffiti, for once.

10. Via the University of Wisconsin-Madison health services website. What are those blue curly q’s?

11. Stick your penis outside the window and wait for lube rain.

12. NEVER EVER trust stock photography.

13. Via myspace, of course.

14. How to put a condom on the Invisible Man.

15. There is a right way, and there is a wrong way.

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