Brutal New PETA Ads (You’ve Been Warned)

The ads put blame directly on wearers of animal skins by putting them at the scenes of the slaughter.

ID: 1346352

Headline on all three ads:
“When you buy, you become part of it.”

Copy reads: “Poaching is driven by demand. So the day you stop buying, they stop killing. Sign a pledge to be 100% cruelty-free at”

The ads show (above) a tourist helping poachers rip the skin off a zebra, and (below) a businessman stabbing an alligator with a spear, and a woman helping to tear the skin off a bear.

Said PETA associate director Mimi Bekhechi:

“Every year, millions of animals – including bears, alligators and zebras – are violently killed for their skins and body parts. PETA’s new ads point out that every single person who buys a jacket, a handbag or shoes made out of an animal’s skin contributes to the demand for exotic-skins and pelts – and supports some of the bloodiest industries on the planet.”

I have blasted the animal rights organization for their horrible advertising before.

I have no negative critique of these ads, however.

Ad agency: Lowe, Singapore.

ID: 1346424
ID: 1346428
ID: 1346430


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