Gorgeous Vintage Travel Posters

Eighteen posters — if these don’t give you the travel bug, nothing will.

1. Norway, 1925. Puffins!

ID: 1506966

2. 1955. Hilarious.

ID: 1506971

3. 1954. Amazing beaches.

ID: 1506973

4. 1959. Wonderful country. Don’t just do Vienna, go out to a rural area.

ID: 1506980

5. 1969. Love the artwork.

ID: 1506981

6. Year unknown. Just a great design.

ID: 1506983

7. El Al, 1965.

ID: 1506985

8. Union Jack eyes. 1960s.

ID: 1506987

9. 1955, designed by Stan Galli.

ID: 1506996

11. Mid-Post Note:

Most, if not all, of these 1960s TWA posters were designed and created by David Klein. Here’s his Wikipedia page.

ID: 1507065

14. Great design.

ID: 1507016

16. Stunningly beautiful country, and the most unabashedly friendly people you will ever meet.

ID: 1507022

17. Love the design.

ID: 1507024

19. Geometric Times Square. Great artwork.

ID: 1507031


See 15 more of these wonderful posters right here.

And much thanks to fellow ad copywriter “Mango” for collecting these.

ID: 1507047

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