F#©K Banksy, What About NYC’s Real Graffiti Artists?

The millionaire British bomber is currently in town for a month, putting up his whimsical little stencil scenes. But Jilly Ballistic, Poster Boy, and Robert Lanz are hometown rascals.

1. Ballistic’s latest. On a flag on an E train.

ID: 1751217

2. Simon Cowell’s show is dying in the ratings. Ballistic helps it on its way down.

ID: 1751181

3. Ballistic often uses WWI imagery. This was put up on “Gas Release Day” in the subway system. Union Square Station.

ID: 1751198

4. WWI soldier eating rations on top of new iPhone ad. 14th St. L station.

ID: 1751257

5. Via Queens.

ID: 1751211

6. Manhattan.

ID: 1751215

7. Drones. Coming soon. Brooklyn.

ID: 1751235

8. Gap’s Adam Driver poster gets the Ballistic treatment. 23rd street 1 station.

ID: 1751222

9. Tribeca artist Robert Janz has been tweaking the NYPD’s POST NO BILLS warnings as fast they can paint over them. Via Soho here.

ID: 1751185

12. Subway ad slasher Poster Boy has been mostly laying low, compared to past years. (The NYPD has a hard-on for him.) But here he went nutso on a 7-11 board.

ID: 1751266

13. A brilliant Poster Boy piece of “Weiner” appropriation of one NYC’s latest stupid “See Something Say Something” ads.

ID: 1751245

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