10 Worst Brand Facebook Updates Of The Month

It’s time again to laugh and/or cry at inept and condescending brand Facebook updates. Happy Social Media Week.

1. Cottonelle

Nice try, Cottonelle.
Your TP (which I use) is fucking expensive. I’m not wasting one sheet on anything other than shit.
Also: there is no “National Appreciation Day.”

ID: 896462

2. Travelbag

You make me say YES, and then you make fun of me?
And then you beg me to increase your marketing metrics?
Also: “You’re”.

ID: 896465

3. Procter & Gamble

P&G tries to get some free demo info by trying to make a “game” out me thinking about how much time I spend doing things I hate…and then sharing that fun info with them.
I’ve never wanted to punch a corporation in the face more.

ID: 896466

4. Lalor Creekside Dental

A bit unfair picking on such a small business, but…
#9 is Steve McNair, who has been dead since 2009.

ID: 896470

How bout: Can you find the hidden chicken?

ID: 896468

6. Newstalk (Irish station)

“Craving Private Ryan?”

ID: 896469

7. Skoda

Oh GOD, just shut-up, Skoda.

ID: 896467

8. Topflight Holidays

And hit the bottle if you aren’t!

ID: 896471

9. Costa Coffee

This is the entire post.
Costa offered nothing.
Laziest LIKE mooch. EVER.

ID: 896473

10. NBC LA

This is the couple killed by ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner.
Click LIKE to send condolences? You gotta be FUCKING kidding me, NBC LA.

ID: 896464

All of these are via one of the best pages on Facebook: Condescending Corporate Brand Page.
Like them, share them, send them money, etc.

ID: 896503

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