Christmas Sex Ads

Combining Christmas and sex in an ad sometimes works, and sometimes doesn’t.

1. Durex condoms

“This Christmas, don’t get anything you didn’t wish for.”

That visual is a tad forced (that’s what she…nevermind).

ID: 761844

2. Wonderbra

Those are BALLS, Wonderbra.
Now, if you made them blue balls…

ID: 761847

3. Veet

The best ad of the bunch.
Veet is the world’s #1 down-there depilatory product.
Your old Playboy magazines disapprove.

ID: 761845

4. Triumph lingerie

“Christmas would be bare without it.”
That doesn’t really look like a tree, Triumph.

ID: 761849


Via the Swedish Association of Sexuality Education, who sell all sorts of sex-related paraphernalia. Judging by the tattoo, Santa’s cheating on his wife/girlfriend. Just leave the toys, and leave, Kreepy Kris Kringle.

ID: 761856

6. Harvey Nichols

Last year, the UK department store produced this Christmas party walk of shame commercial. Many loved it and — this being England — many complained about it. I feel very strongly both ways.

ID: 761865

7. Lynx (Axe).

A “69” snow angel, with the smell of Windex and vomit in the air.
You don’t want to be the one on the bottom here.

ID: 761860

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