Cat Amazingly Turns Off Ceiling Fan Light

That’s just one of the ten Best Cat GIFs of the Week.

1. Cats + Boxes = one of life’s true joys.

ID: 1363666

2. For smaller cats, tubes work, too.

ID: 1363667

3. Ladders are also a good cat setting.

ID: 1363672

4. Can your DOG do this?

ID: 1363669

5. Fret shredding cat. MAY be digitally enhanced.

ID: 1363675

6. Those eyes…

ID: 1363683

7. How do you do, and how do you do.

ID: 1363690

8. Slo-mo Maru.

ID: 1363694

9. Morning yoga.

ID: 1363680

10. troll cat.

ID: 1363687

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