Best Street Art In The World 2013

These are some of the standout pieces, so far.

1. An Amazing ROA piece in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

ID: 1454311

2. Nychos’ anatomy of a tiger in San Francisco.

ID: 1454478

3. Etam Cru mural in Richmond, VA.

ID: 1454613

4. More Honest and Free ads, by Vinz.

ID: 1454342

5. Another one from Vinz.

ID: 1454348

6. Artist Federico Massa aka Cruz painted this mural on the Williamsburg Cinemas in Brooklyn.

ID: 1454868

7. “Mutant With Eagle Head” by Ludo in Paris.

ID: 1454512

8. An abandoned psychiatric hospital in Parma, Italy is made even creepier by the work of Brazilian artist Herbert Baglione .

ID: 1454570
ID: 1454585

10. By Collettivo Fx in Italy.

ID: 1454660

11. Fressen & Gefressen Werden by Onur, Wes21, Kkade from Switzerland and Semor from Germany in 5Pointz, Long Island City.

ID: 1454893

12. mounting sabotaje al montaje + Katie Yamasaki artists created this mural in Argentina titled, “I Dream That I Can Breathe Underwater.”

ID: 1454689

13. WK Interact hit Denmark.

ID: 1454401

14. Lastly, Detroit-based artist Jerry Vile put this big vat of Crisco under the city’s Joe Louis fist sculpture. The work is titled “A Vessel of Hope” to ease Detroit’s bankruptcy pain.

ID: 1454765

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