Best New York City Street Art Of 2013

The best from Gotham’s best, so far.

1. Anti-smoking mural created by the art group El Puente.

In Williamsburg.

ID: 1116916

2. Jilly Ballistic hits the NYPD.

Click here to see more of Ballistic’s NYC work.

ID: 1116890

3. By Aakash Nihalani.

Click here to see more of Nihalani’s amazing optical illusion street art from around the world.

ID: 1116899

4. by OverUnder x ND’A x Irgh.

On Suffolk Street.

ID: 1116912

5. Comandante Biggie

The upper half, painted by Street Artist CERN, was designed by John Garcia, a 21-year-old artist and Parsons senior. The pigeons, in the lower half, were done by the legendary Lee Quinones - one of the founders of New York City subway graffiti movement from the mid-1970s.

ID: 1116919

6. Mural by Joel Bergner.

In Bushwick.

ID: 1116924

7. Posterboy cuts up a stupid Gap subway poster.

ID: 1116925

8. “Status Update” by KATSU.

Said KATSU: “With the internet being literally woven into the human experience i cannot stand by and not voice my discontent with those who plan on owning our lives… I want the ability for people to permanently remove their information from Facebook… that is not possible. I want Facebook to adequately explain to all users the extent to which their data will be farmed out and shared.”

ID: 1116913

9. Doggies.

In Greenpoint.

ID: 1116926

10. Crucified Mickey, by The New Apostle.

In Williamsburg.

ID: 1116927

11. Now, GET OUT.

ID: 1116920

For daily photos of street art all over New York City, The Dusty Rebel is your best source.

ID: 1116934

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