Are Women Still Being Badly Exploited In Advertising? (Part 2)

Take a look at 5 commercials from recent years. An ongoing series.

1. Man Headbutts Annoying Wife

2012 Commercial via Portugal for, an online event company.
Let’s show that headbutt four times!
The woman in the ad is Monica Sofia, a singer and Playboy model. The man is apparently her real-life husband. So, nothing at all wrong with this spot, move on.
Ad agency: Adsoul, Lisbon.

2. Can I get a Beer, bitch?

BA-HA-HA! What a knee slapper, what a rib-tickler!

3. “Yuck, chick flicks.”

European spot.
Two hot women, one does all the cooking, the other loves football.
And they both dress in tight dresses and heels all the time.
Isn’t that nice.

4. Press to (sexually assault you) Play

New spot via France.
“You want to spice things up, so you press the emergency button…”

5. “Boob Job”

Via Argentina.
Somebody tell me how the Hell this sells a Fiat.


Are women still being exploited in ads in 2013 (7 commercials)?

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