Amazing Frederick’s Of Hollywood “Marry A Millionaire” Catalog

The keys? Padded asses and blow-up bras. From 1964, the “Mad Men” era.

1. Look At That “Millionaire” — Practically Salivating

Front and back pages from Frederick’s 1964 catalog.

2. “He” Being A “Millionaire,” of course.

3. More “Marry A Millionaire” Hints…

Copy note, upper right:
“Only for those with soft pliable bosoms!”


And, they’ll “improve your posture.”

5. Beatniks Openly Mocked

Male Bait — but not you smelly, poor beatniks.

6. If Your Millionaire Target Seems The Mushy Type, Get The “Widow’s Peak.”

7. WHOA! Madonna Cone Bra, Lower Right!

8. “Let’s See (puff-puff): C- or D-Cup Tonight?”

“Padded for that come hither look.”
Add inches here, there, everywhere!

All of these images are via the Pie Shop Collection, one of the most amazing vintage image collections on the web.

Once there, I recommend checking out the Classic Beauties, and of course the Advertising page.

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